Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Foiled Again!

Foiled Again!

I did it -- I traipsed off to my cabin in the woods for some peace and quiet, and some quality law-focus-time, when I felt it. The sniffles. Then the coughs. Then the sneezes! I got out...but not in time. Not in time to escape sickness-free. Aches, and zapped energy -- I spent half the time just staring at the incomprehensible drivel I faithfully typed because my big paper was due yesterday. I did it...I muttled through, and managed to get some studying in for the rest of my exams to boot. But this is not to say that I wouldn't have gotten twice as much done if I hadn't caught the dreaded cold before I left school. If I find out who passed on said illness to me, I will not be kind. In fact, I will find some way to hold you responsible for the -.2 in this semester's GPA that will result from this!

In other news, I cannot be a normal person and turn in assignments in the normal way. Being in a cabin in the woods 350 miles from school, and being the procrastinator that I am, there was no way that I could hand a hard copy of aforementioned big paper into my professor by 5pm yesterday. So I emailed it to him, and asked for his preferred option to remedy the situation. I could either a) fax it to him, b) fed ex it or c) bribe a friend to turn it in for me. Well, wouldn't you know -- never heard from my professor. So in addition to already emailing it well before the deadline, I ended up going with option b. Fed Ex. Still haven't heard from my prof -- don't know if he cares, don't know if I am facing a reduced grade because of my tendency to never be in this law school town. I suppose we'll see the aftermath reflected in my GPA.

Finally, the aforementioned cockroach undergrads are still enjoying the nice weather. I can hear them laughing and fighting outside in their drunken insanity. While I sit in here, staring longingly out the window, going over the gun-jumping guidelines and various forms of anti-fraud liability.

One week left to go...please let all go well...please...

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