Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Undergrads Won.

With my International Law exam behind me, I have been resolved to spend as much waking time as possible reviewing Securities Regulation.

I thought I was once again safe in my apartment, because the undergrads were supposed to be out of the dorms by today, and the last of the graduations were finishing up around here today as well. As a 2L it has been striking to see all of the graduations going on, and realizing just one more year left until the ink will dry on our JDs...

So much for the undergrads having to be out of the dorms by today. There were so many parties going on around here that the 5 different songs blasting from various forms of amplification made deciphering any one song at any given time impossible. In addition, parents picking up their kids apparently joined in the fun, as they were all camped out on lawn chairs in the yard across the street.

I swore as I huddled in the corner of my kitchen on the floor because it was the quietest part of my apartment, while wearing bright orange ear plugs and clutching Gilbert's Securities, that this time I would do something -- this time I would stand up for myself -- this time I would call the City Police! I had resorted to this point because I was too lazy to get dressed and go to the library, where in all honesty it was probably packed, and I would end up running into people I know and chatting the day away.

So I did, I called the police at 7:45pm after listening to the music pounding through my earplugs for almost 8 hours (yet somehow managing to get through more than 200 pages of Sec Reg in the process). Ten minutes later, the undergrads stopped, and their parents whisked them away for parts unknown, and I had to call the police back and tell them they stopped.

So I admit defeat -- the undergrads foiled me in the end, leaving me alone with Sec Reg. As the minivans and oversized SUVs pulled away, I have to admit I almost missed them. For all my bitching about them, at least it was nice to know SOMEONE was having fun out there...even if it wasn't me.

Now it is just me and Sec Reg.

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