Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Semester That Will. Not. End.

Here it is, the middle of the night, and I am still chugging away at my final paper that is due tomorrow by 5pm. In the past two weeks I have written a 30+ paged paper, turned in my last assignment for a Practicum, taken two final exams, and I have a few pages left to write on this final paper. I'm tired, and not to whine, but I am ready to call this semester over. The weather is great outside, I can hear everyone having a good time, and I am ready to join them.

The catch? I'm a 2L. I start work in a week and a half, and I have to stick around to do post-semester Journal stuff. Welcome to a life with the law! You want it to go away sometimes but it just won't. I feel like Sisyphus, and I haven't even graduated yet.

This is a short one tonight -- gotta catch some sleep before I try to polish this puppy off, turn it in, and wipe my hands of this semester. After tomorrow at 5pm, I swear the complaining stops. For about a week, anyway....

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