Friday, August 04, 2006

Law Review on Resume

Continuing on the OCI talk from yesterday, many transfers are speculating whether they can include the fact they made it onto Law Review at their previous school. Well, dear transfers, the answer is YES, and you SHOULD.

The resounding majority of employers I have come into contact with say that you should include it as "Invited to join Law Review X" or "Graded onto Law Review X". Obviously, you cannot say you were a staff member, unless you accepted your position and actually did work for the Law Review over the summer. If you did, as some do, then you should list it as "Position X, Law Review X, Spring-Summer 2006".

I hope this clears up the confusion.


ESQ-JD said...

Enjoying all your transfer posts - as a fellow transfer I appreciate all this 2L-OCI stuff. It can be quite interesting. Good Luck !

Anonymous said...

What if you didn't grade on, but actually wrote on to the law review through a competition? How would that be listed on your resume? Thanks.

DroitFemme said...

Hi Anonymous,

There are two methods you can employ -- you can say you wrote onto the law review (the positive aspect is that this shows you have excellent legal writing skills that potential employers are looking for) but the negative is that it might emphasize that you didn't grade on. You can also leave it blank, and just say, "Invited to join Law Review X". Employers might ask you whether you graded or wrote-on, (although they may not if you are a transfer -- they may just assume you graded-on). It really depends on how you want to spin it. If you want say you wrote on, I would probably just say, "Invited to join Law Review X after spring write-on competition" -- this makes it clear you wrote-on, and leaves open the possibility that you also graded-on (depending on your school's Law Review competition guidelines). I hope this helps -- if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks for comment, Esq-JD! I'll keep posting, if you keep reading and finding it helpful!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thoughtful response, droitfemme. Keep up the good work!