Saturday, March 31, 2007

Studying Sick

Unfortunately, I am sick sick sick. I caught the flu from some unknown person or place (my most recent airplane ride, perhaps? That person who was precariously absent from Evidence for three days in a row?) and I have an early final exam on Monday. I knew I was really in trouble when I got too nauseous to read, and just the thought of looking at a page of words made me run to the bathroom. But, as my esteemed colleagues tell me, "Pass = JD" at this point. As a second semester 3L just trying to squeek across the finish line, I am seeking solace in the fact that my newly acquired (and hopefully very temporary illness) will subside just long enough for me to complete this early final exam.

I haven't been sick and had to take a final since my first year Civ Pro exam. In that case, I think the illness actually bolstered my studying time because I was bedridden with nothing to do but read and study. It is the nausea that is the killer -- not being able to read destroys any possibility of being productive.

I wonder what kind of anti-nausea medication will work quick...

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