Sunday, April 08, 2007

37 Pounds of Unwanted Material

No, I'm not talking about fat. I'm talking about my bar review materials. That's right -- I just received an email from Bar Bri that my bar review materials will weight a total of 37 pounds! And I can't figure out why they are telling us this now, other than to prepare us for the complete and utter hell we will find ourselves in come May, and to warn us to bring a wheelbarrow with us when we actually pick up the materials. Fear not, fellow 3Ls...they come in two sets! The state set (at least my state) weighs 15 pounds, and the multi-state weighs 22 pounds (this is where law students start comparing the weight of their respective states to determine where their state falls on the heaviness, and therefore which level of hell in which they will be stuck).

So, my dear 2Ls, and even those 1Ls who find yourselves here...while you may think law school sucks, and have taken to counting down the precise number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds you have left until that ever-blessed day we call "Graduation"....a whole new level of misery awaits you a mere 11 days* after that holiest of holy days. And the specter rears its head in the form of 37 pounds of paper....and endless hours of being freaked out because you don't want to be "that person" who everyone talks about who failed the bar (and thereby sent your school's USNWR ranking plunging to the depths of its tier because you messed up the bar passage rate percentage).

Welcome to the law, young lawyers-to-be!

*note that this day is variable. Others in my class have as many as 17 days before bar review begins.

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