Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mystery Meat?

Okay, someone emailed this to the law student listerv, and I just couldn't resist. I think we are all suffering from a bit of finals delirium at the moment (names and places have been changed to protect the innocent):


Does anyone actually eat the "double salamis" in the student lounge vending machine? I'm all for snapping into a slim jim now and again, but this is taking mystery meat to new heights. Is Double Salami just recycled vending food still lingering around since the origins of the Vending Machine, popped into E9 in the hopes that a starving law student will take a chance on it?


Reply 1:

Not to worry... John Smith keeps those "double salamis" fresh by partaking in the delicious treat on a regular basis. Usually in the library where the you can smell it from 3 tables away.

Reply 2:

I had some double salami during break in Copyright last semester. I pretended they were the best tasting cigars EVAR. Then I wiped my oily hands on the door hinges to stop their squeaking.

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