Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No More Registration For Me

Well, the emails keep going out about fall registration, and I keep deleting them. It is so weird that after all this time, I finally do not have to begin my semesterly investigation of which professors to take for what, and what classes I really should have before I graduate. This is it...in one month it will all be over, and I'll be packing up and moving onto studying for the bar.

In some ways, I am so ready to be done, but I still can't help but think, while looking at the fall schedule, "ooo...international litigation is being offered in the fall? Who is teaching it?"

Meanwhile, I get to send it certified checks for hundreds of dollars and invite strangers to conduct extensive background investigations on my short little life. A word of advice to future 3Ls....get your bar crap done early, so you don't get stuck running up against the deadline like me!

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