Wednesday, May 16, 2007


All I can say is that graduation and all the rest of it seem to have gone off without a hitch, although the last two weeks have really flown by. The family and everyone came out for graduation, and then I had to pack up and move to where I am studying for the bar.

Speaking of which, bar review started today for the July 2007 Bar Exam, and I have a lot to say about that. For any of you who are interested in what starts happening the day after graduation, I'll be blogging about studying for, and taking the July 2007 Bar Exam on another blog started with a few friends of mine, and you are welcome to check it out: Blogging The Bar

I'll still be around, answering questions about transfer stuff and cheering on those of you who are applying to transfer. As I think of stuff I'll post about it, but for now I'll mostly be over at BTB.

I suppose the biggest shock is that I thought for the longest time (especially when I was a 2L) that with graduation from law school would come this big release and feeling of accomplishment. In reality, you get so wrapped up in the festivities, and then bar review, that the big release never really happened. And of course I don't feel like a "real lawyer" yet because I haven't passed the bar, and the materials for bar review are initially so overwhelming that you feel like you are right back at the bottom of a big ol' mountain, having to climb up again.

But, as I have said before, and I'll say again, welcome to the law (and law school).

Take care one and all, and like I said, this isn't an official retirement...I'll still be knocking around here and there.

Best to all,


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Last Exam

So, tomorrow is my very last exam of law school.

I was seriously thinking about bringing champagne to my final tomorrow and as soon as it is over just popping it right in the middle of the classroom and drinking straight from the bottle. Of course, the proctor probably wouldn't take too kindly to that. And I have to drive home, so that wouldn't be good either.

But is a nice, cheery, thought! At 4:30pm tomorrow, I will have to settle for the mental uncorking of champagne bottles, rather than actually doing it physically.

By the way, if anybody hasn't seen this super-fabulous animated sequence on 803 Hearsay Exceptions, I highly recommend it (and when you are so sick of reading about them, I promise this will be a welcome respite):

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And the Lightening Strikes

The weather has (finally) been amazing here lately. Warm, but not too warm, sunny, clear skies -- the kind of weather that makes you just want to be outside. Tonight, as it was getting dark, the clouds rolled in and we have been having a spectacular lightening show punctuated by grumbling thunder. I am now curled up in my over-sized leather chair reading about the Parole Evidence Rule and Judicial Notice with the window open, listening to the rain fall and looking up once in awhile when the lightening strikes.

This would actually be really cool if I had a glass of red wine, and if I were reading something more enticing than my Evidence Gilbert's Law Summary!

Only 30 more pages to get through tonight, and then I am packing it in.

And to all a goodnight.