Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Last Exam

So, tomorrow is my very last exam of law school.

I was seriously thinking about bringing champagne to my final tomorrow and as soon as it is over just popping it right in the middle of the classroom and drinking straight from the bottle. Of course, the proctor probably wouldn't take too kindly to that. And I have to drive home, so that wouldn't be good either.

But is a nice, cheery, thought! At 4:30pm tomorrow, I will have to settle for the mental uncorking of champagne bottles, rather than actually doing it physically.

By the way, if anybody hasn't seen this super-fabulous animated sequence on 803 Hearsay Exceptions, I highly recommend it (and when you are so sick of reading about them, I promise this will be a welcome respite):

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Mel Woods said...

Good luck! Congrats on almost being done.