Sunday, April 30, 2006


I have hit a rut in studying, and I know I am not prepared enough for my Sec Reg exam in T-minus 34 hours and counting down....

I have the entire body of law in my head...I just need to get to that point where it all gels together. So many rules, and exceptions -- a very treacherous area of the law, I tell you.

How long does gel take to set? Hopefully less than 34 hours with two nights of not a lot of sleep...

I went to the computer lab tonight to print out my outline, and the 1Ls were there frantically cramming for Property. It brought back so many memories. I wanted to be able to share a good outline with them or something, but since I transferred my stuff would be worthless to them, as Property was a full year at my old law school. They all looked about ready to call 1L the past. I don't blame them. Looking back, 1L was more of a primer for making you realize at times, what you didn't know --- how much you didn't know. Moving onward, it became more a question of how to make a body of law manageable, and working efficiently.

I'll stop waxing nostalgic. I need to get through my Sec Reg outline one more time before bed.

Best of luck to all of the law students out there studying away.

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